A Fresh Coat of Paint

rusted metal planter

With the advent of a new season, I took the time to apply a new coat of paint onto some old metal planters which became weathered and rusted over the winter.  The color was faded, and chips of paint combined with rust and dirt were all that remained. It was apparent the structures lost their original gleam. I was reminded as I was dusting off the cobwebs and wiping the grime off of the containers how life can similarly take its toll.

Harsh and challenging times can leave a spirit tired and worn. Apprehension, sorrow, the pressure to perform, or a never-ending fast-paced life can subtly change a person as well, causing ‘weathering’ and ‘rusting’ to occur upon the heart, mind, and soul.

As I took time to brush off the dirt and debris, use sandpaper to gently scrub away the chips of paint, and apply the bright newly purchased paint, I was delighted by how the containers dramatically transformed in appearance. From dull, weathered and worn, to having a new sheen and brightness to them. They were now ready for the new season and planting of spring flowers!

At first glance what started off as a mundane gardening project became a time of reflection and wonderment. Oh, I love how God speaks to me when I will simply pause long enough to listen. I am reminded of how God desires to restore, revive and refresh areas of our lives which have lost its gleam.

He will strip away unhelpful thoughts, attitudes and behaviors not only to encourage and restore us but so that He may reveal His nature and love through us to those around us.

Pause to consider the condition of your life. Is there an area of your life that have become dull and worn? Communion with God can usher us into a transformation process where He is ready to restore us and apply a fresh coat of paint.

Psalm 23:3

He refreshes my soul.

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